Customising Particle Effects for exploding rocks??

Hey again folks. This question is possibly a little more advanced than I usually ask.
I’ve been using the Standard Particle Systems that I get with Unity for explosions, fire and a few bits here n there.

But what I really need is something a little custom. I’m sure the existing particle system is capable (well im not sure thats why i am asking lol :D)
I have an Asteroids style game, the rocks are cool green planetoid/moon style rocks. I’d love for the particle system to explode with some very small versions of this same model if possible. (Or I would also be very happy with a some 2d images of the rock that would together form inside the explosion (i hope that made sense!!)

I’ve honestly tried to read up on the docs and google but I can’t really find the info I need, I find more of a general how to add in particles and use the existing ones, which I ve already been doing.

Any help or hints of how I could approach this would be very much appreciated. I’m also open to any other ideas for the rock explosions which may be easier to implement.

The game just looks a bit rubbish if I use a full explosion for a rock , I’d rather like 5-10 mini rocks just randomly shattered up towards the camera (that is above and facing exactly downwards).

Thanks !!

basically i watched this and now have managed to muddle something similar to what I wanted together: