Customize shortcuts in the unity-editor?

Hi, i like to know if its possible to define my own key-shortcuts? It would be very helpful if i could define my own keys for switching between the "Textured", "wireframe" and "Tex-wire".. I looked in "edit-preferences-keys" but i found no way to set my own keys. Is that possible? Thanks for your help..

You can create a menu item in Unity and assign your own shortcut.

This one hides or shows the selected GameObject by pressing H:

@MenuItem ("GameObject/Hide Selection _h")
static function HideSelection () {
    go = Selection.activeGameObject;
    if ( go.renderer.enabled == true) {
        go.renderer.enabled = false;
    else {
        go.renderer.enabled = true; 

You can find a lot of examples here: MenuItem

It doesn't look like you can.

You could download a cheatsheet to make it easier to learn them though. See:

I finally found the solution!
Thanks to this blog post: How to Add Your Own Tools to Unity’s Editor

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

public static class EditorHotkeysTracker
    static EditorHotkeysTracker()
        SceneView.onSceneGUIDelegate += view =>
            var e = Event.current;
            if (e != null && e.keyCode != KeyCode.None)
                Debug.Log("Key pressed in editor: " + e.keyCode);

Is it possible to bind keyboard shortcuts in an editor script with new version of Unity 4.3?


Check this tutorial site, there you can see how to define custom shortcuts for your MenuItem.