Customizing array element positions in inspector using GUI

I want to re position my array elements from inspector like it is doable in other unity hierarchies(GUI). e.g Here I want to have my ‘backCamera2’ as my second element and all other array elements from ‘drivingmode’ to ‘leftsideCamera’ to slide down.

Advanced topic, but if you have needed expertise, then I will direct you towards UnityEditorInternal and ReorderableList, so google these for clarification

Keep in mind that reorderable list will require a so-called “callback”. That’s nothing more than a function pointer. This means you will end up supplying an actual name of the function as an argument.

That argument will be then invoked, and your provided function will come alive, being invoked remotely.
You just need to make sure that the function which you supply actually has an appropriate signature, that’s required by the mentioned argument. - for example, [3 arguments, int, bool, string, and a void return type] - that’s an example of what signature tells about the function

good luck!