Customizing Editor Interface

Hi guys. I’m having some problems with customizing the editor interface.
I want to write my own Custom Editor Script that would alter the look of Day/Night script. I know how to add boxes for floats, ints. etc. but I have no idea how to add a Material Selection Popup and a Game Object Selection Popup in the script. I would assume they are somewhere under EditorGUILayout. Unfortunately I cannot find them there. I’m trying to do this only to get sliders for adjusting values in my script. If there is an easy way of putting in sliders without messing out with the Custom Editor stuff I’d like to know that. I Hope I have explained myself well enough. Please comment if You have any more questions about it.




ScreenShot Added.alt text

You can use EditorGUILayout.ObjectField for these. Use the objType parameter to specify what kind of object to filter on.