Customizing the Unity Web Player loading screen

I have the Problem i not witch place i can cahnge this code or write this code...can someone Help....

Doing this is only possible with Unity Pro, but if you do have Unity Pro (I don't) I think you need to put this part:

var params = {
       backgroundcolor: "A0A0A0", // This part changes the backround color
       bordercolor: "000000", // This part changes the border color
       textcolor: "FFFFFF", // This part changes the color of some text. 
       logoimage: "MyLogo.png", // What splash logo do you want?
       progressbarimage: "MyProgressBar.png", // What loading bar do you want?
       progressframeimage: "MyProgressFrame.png" // What loading bar border do you want?

   unityObject.embedUnity("unityPlayer", "WebPlayer.unity3d", 600, 450, params); 

In between `` in your HTML file.

In `unityObject.embedUnity()`, I'm not sure what the "unityPlayer" thing is, but "WebPlayer.unity3d" should be replaced with the relative pathname to your unity3d file, `600, 450` are the width/height.

Edit: I think that the "unityPlayer" thing is a way for the browser to know what kind of plugin is needed - change at your own risk.

Edit: Actually, "unityPlayer" is a way for the browser to know which object has the player in it. Credit to the commentator below.

you need to put this vars in the hmtl generated by unity when you press build&run for example webplayer.html with this code is the part code of the webplayer.html. (u can see it and know what u need to change.

sorry for my english!!

    function GetUnity() {
        if (typeof unityObject != "undefined") {
            return unityObject.getObjectById("unityPlayer");
        return null;
    if (typeof unityObject != "undefined") {
        var params = {
                          **place to put your code!!!**

        unityObject.embedUnity("unityPlayer", "WebPlayer.unity3d", 600, 512, params);

Hi Guys

There has been lot of questions & confusions on how to customize the loading screen .There is one generic answer to the solution given above in the link however sometime with new versions this does not work .So after some more R&D below is the complete solution & the script with modification areas.

Online build —

  1. Create a build using unity3d with setting as web player under Build settings .

  2. Once build is created browse the folder where the html & unity3d files are created

  3. Right click on the html file & edit the areas shown below