CustomPass drawRenderer to low resolution Texture


Sorry for a maybe very dumb question for some, but i'm actually trying to make a pre-transparent custom Pass in the HDRP Pipeline that renders a certain layer of objects in a low res texture to then blit it to the camera target texture using a shader that makes the compositing. Nothing too fancy i think ! But the problem is that even the first step (rendering opaques in a low res RT) produces weird results as you can see.


The color flickers and messes up the rest of my compositing. Here's the piece of code that produce this drawRendererList.

And the code that initialize my RTs

I actually just want to draw my opaques like usual re-set my renderTarget to the camera DrawFullScreen with my custom compositing Material (This part works) and release my textures but it seems like a some stuff are not quite well understood on my part. Even drawing directly to the camera with DrawRendererList causes this weird stuff. In the cleanup function i just release the depth and pixel textures created before. So if anyone has any idea why i'm heading in the wrong direction tell me ! Thanks for reading :)


I managed to fix the lighting problem during my draw rendererList ! I was acutally not setting up the PerObjectData for my objects and they actually needed light data for their materials...