CustomRenderTexture not working

I want my custom shader I wrote to output to a texture which I can then use as an input to another shader. As of now I am using a CustomRenderTexture with the shader attached through an update material to achieve this.

This works well on linux (gl 4.5) and macOS (metal), but not on Android (either vulkan or gles). And regardless, in general it’s causing a lot of problems. An empty CustomRenderTexture on macOS does not even initialize, but does so on Android.

Is this even a stable and reliable feature of Unity to be used in production? Should I go a different way about this?

If anyone is looking for a solution, I managed to get it working in an older version of Unity — namely 2017.4.34f1 LTS.

I’m with the same problem for windows build in 2019.4.13 (LTS). The CustomRenderTexture works perfectly in the Editor, but it doesn’t work in the build.

Same here. Spent a few weeks building a project based on reading information off custom render textures and using it to generate the game world. Is it just a dead end? Custom render textures just don’t work outside the editor?

edit: Using unity 2021.3.1 and trying to build to Mac

Im having the same problem om 2019.2.19f1. Is there any update on this problem? ,I’m having the same problem on 2019.2.19f1 . Any updates on this?

Same problem with 2019.4.12 LTS. CustomRenderTexture that works OK in Editor does not work in build.

To exclude problems with loading asset (perhaps something wasn’t loading in the .asset?) I have instead of using references to assets created CustomRenderTexture from script. It again was running fine while in Editor, but after building, it produced only blank white outputs.

I’m having this exact problem in 2020.1.2f1. Simple custom render texture, works in editor, does not work in a PC player build.

Using URP.