Cut Down Trees in Unity 5

How can i cut down trees in unity 5? Im having issues animating my axe and i cant find any good tutorials on making the tree fall after a certain amount of hits and then changing into wooden logs.

Please help. i cant finish my game otherwise.

i also need help with the new unity 5 animation system

Your trees will need to be modelled as two objects, the trunk below the chop, and the trunk/tree above the chop. When the axe hits the tree, rotate the uppermost part.

@DeathSammich You can use ray casts instead of colliders, much easier to use. when you hit your tree just add a counter or what not and then make the tree fall over using rigid body. how you get to that is your doing but if you need more help you can ask.

Make a tree fall and dropping woods, maybe this asset is what you wanted:

it allows you to cut a tree really conveniently, if you don’t want to do it yourself :slight_smile: