Cutting a Mesh Into Smaller Pieces

Hi everyone, is it possible to cut a mesh into smaller pieces in Unity? I want to make a mesh cut up script but I’m not even sure if it’s possible.

Yes it is possible. Pretty much anything you can imagine in programming you can create. Let your imagination run wild!!! POWER OF PROGRAMMING :wink:


There are some assets on the Asset Store that cut meshes. A couple of them only duplicate the mesh and flatten the vertices, which may not work out for you if it’s a complex mesh. There are one or two that slice objects and create new faces, and there’s exactly one that I know of that can cut an animated mesh, although it seems to be slightly limited in the angle of its cuts. I’m working on one that can slice an animated mesh but it’s bonkers hard to do it from scratch.

Here’s one:
Here’s the animated mesh cutter: Limb Hacker | Modeling | Unity Asset Store

this a simple way: How to Cut Cube to Make Stack Game in Unity - YouTube

Here is a simple asset that slice it very fast: Mesh Slicer

watch video: 3