Cyber Infiltrator model rotation

Hello everyone,
I got “Dexsoft - Cyber infiltrator” model, I was able to split animations. but now I’ve a common problem, the model is rotated by an angle of 270 degrees in the x axis. I’ve tried the game object trick, but so far it makes the model standing correctly, but once I try to move it, it’s automatically rotated again. I tried using Blender but that requires me to convert the FBX file to 7.1 and that messes it up and still doesn’t work tho. Can anyone help me out? I’d be so grateful.
Thanks in advance ^^

I think you haven’t fully understood the empty parent solution :wink: The empty parent will be your new character. This new parent object will need the CharacterController and not the child object. You will move / rotate the parent around in the scene. The child (your model) stays still within the parent object.

If the child object has the character controller, you will still move the child around, but inside the parent. That doesn’t hekp anything.