Cyclotronica - Nuclear Physics Tunnel Racer & Destruction Derby // 1.0.2

Okay so I did an effortpost over in Works In Progress where I went off a little more about details, but I'll spare the mirroring here.

Been going hard the last few months to update the game I've been working on with @ippdev [that's my pops], and now we have 1.0.2 out on Steam, which includes:

  • 6 Mission Single Player Campaign where you use the "Mr. Big" Robot and GyroCycle to explore Particle Accelerators, Nuclear Reactors, Synchrotrons, Singularity Chambers to collect subatomic particles, conduct experiments, blow stuff up, shoot high energy radiation at things, tussling with villainized Antimatter and "hostile" Radioactive Atoms.
  • Isotope Chamber Minigame where you can spawn any of the nearly 3,200 Isotopes of all 118 Elements, with REAL half lives stretching well over 10^30 seconds in some cases, and observe them as the Isotopes naturally decay, or bombard them with Protons, Neutrons, or Antiparticles to change them. Players are scored based on how many unique Isotopes you get in a session. It's a clicker game where things blow up. Can't lose but pretty hard to "win" lol
  • A Custom Track Builder with over 300+ Track Section Prefabs you can mix and match to build YOUR OWN PARTICLE ACCELERATOR. Trust me when I say you can achieve speeds

Anyway I'm writing this because if you want to test it I'm handing out Steam Keys. DM me or what have you
^ Big boye patch notes on everything in 1.0.2 over there and where we are at in the long term roadmap.