Cylinder Collision on Rotation

Hello everyone. I have a cylinder made up of cubes. The player uses the A ans S keys to rotate the cylinder. The cubes that make up the cylinder are randomly placed and act at platforms that the player object can jump on. The player object itself can only jump up and down (horizontal movement is simulated by the rotation of cylinder).

So far, jumping and landing works great, but since the horizontal movement is on the part of the cylinder, sideways collision doesn’t work. So on to my question, how can I prevent the rotation of the cylinder if a block is colliding on the side with the player? Most solutions show the rotation of a single object. This, however, can be up to 600 cubes.

Thank you

I solved this issue by casting rays from multiple points in my model. If the rays collide with a block, I prevent cylinder rotation in that direction. Works fairly well.