Cylinders running downhill. Gravity is not enough.

I have a curved ground (model) in my scene working as a hill race track. I have added several cylinders and applied rigid bodies to make them move (roll) down the track. What is the best way to get the cylinders to move the way I want them to move? As it is right now, the cylinders are moving to slow. I want them to speed up when moving down the hill. How can I achieve this?

My solution right now:

function Start()
    rigidbody.AddTorque(0, 0, 200 * direction);

alt text

Aside from scale, one cause of too-slow rolling is not having a high enough max angular velocity in the physics settings.

I like rockets! (ConstantForce) Woosh! Just make sure to angle them correctly so as to not shoot your barrels off into space. :)

Link --> ConstantForce

This may be too obvious, but have you tried playing around with different physics materials? (Also, make sure the masses of your objects are in proportion to the scale of the scene and your gravity settings.)