Daikon Forge Atlas Problem

I am on version 1.0.12 (was on 1.0.11). I have an atlas that I created. It contains a font and many sprites.

Everything was working fine until I just added another sprite. At first I thought it was this new sprite until I noticed that the font sprite that WAS working wasn’t showing up anymore.

I took the new sprite out of the atlas and did a rebuild and the font still didn’t show up along with 2 other sprites that were working.

I get this exception in the console window:

Unsupported texture format - needs to be ARGB32, RGBA32, BGRA32, RGB24, Alpha8 or DXT


Keep in mind that this was working. In fact I have in SVN the previous texture that was created for the Atlas and it contains the font and other sprite images just fine.

I have not changed anything else that I can find. The actual format of the font texture as shown in the preview window in unity in the lower right when the texture is selected is 384x384 (NPOT) RGBA 16 bit.

I have selected in the texture type all the settings specified in the DF instructions for creating an atlas (advanced, nonpower of 2 - none, format RGBA 32 bit, etc)

As I said, this worked fine when I first put this texture into the altas. What the heck happened?

Figure this out. When I first created the project and the Atlas my platform was set to PC. I then later changed the platform to iOS, but didn’t have a need at the time to rebuild the atlas.

Turns out that the default iOS setting for image compression is RGBA16 not RGBA32, so even though I had selected the correct format for the images to import into the atlas, when the platform is set to iOS it was wrong. You have to click on the iOS icon and uncheck the override checkbox.