Daily notification

Hi. I’m trying to make a task management app for Ios with Unity. The idea is simple, you make a task, it has date and time, you store it locally. What I want to do is when it’s a new day, a function in my app will be call (even when the app is closed) to check if there is any task on that day and if there is, it will push a local notification to remind the user. I have search on the forum but all I can find is how to set a push notification after some time and that is not really what I’m looking for.

To figure out if you need to send a push for a particular event:

if (thisevent.month == DateTime.Now.Month && thisevent.day == DateTime.Now.Day && !thisevent.called){

    // push event here

thisevent.called = true;


As for how to actually send the call through Android, I think you will need to find a third party asset to help you do that… check the AssetStore.