Damage Dropoff

How can i make my gun have damage dropoff (it does more damage when close than when at a distance)

my game is in 2d and i use c#

i figured out how to do it :slight_smile: here’s the script:

	private float distancePercent;

	public LayerMask whatToHit;
	private float distance;
	private float clampedDistance;
	public float tempMaxDamage= 100;
	public float tempMinDamage= 10;
	public float realDamage;
	public float tempDamageDropStart =10;
	public float tempDamageDropEnd = 100;

public void Start(){
	Vector2 thispos = new Vector2 (transform.position.x, transform.position.y);
	RaycastHit2D hit = Physics2D.Raycast (thispos,transform.right, 100, whatToHit);
	Debug.DrawLine (thispos, transform.right*100, Color.cyan);
	if (hit.collider != null) {
		Debug.DrawLine (thispos, hit.point, Color.red);
			distance = Vector2.Distance(thispos, hit.point);
			clampedDistance = Mathf.Clamp(distance,tempDamageDropStart,tempDamageDropEnd) - tempDamageDropStart;
			distancePercent = 100- clampedDistance* (100/(tempDamageDropEnd-tempDamageDropStart));
	realDamage = tempMinDamage +(tempMaxDamage - tempMinDamage)* (distancePercent/ 100);

			Debug.Log("We hit something and did"+realDamage+"damage");

i put it on my bullet prefab and it works