Damage not working properly

Currently, I am trying to make a sword attack for a roguelike dungeon crawler I have been working on from a decent while now. I have a sprite for the sword and the animation of it swinging, and the beginnings of a system to make the enemies take damage on attack.

The script works like this:

There is a trigger collider around the player and a script that detects whether an enemy is within the radius using the following few lines of code:

public static float inRange;
    public static List<GameObject> enemiesInRange = new List<GameObject>();
    void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other) {
        if(other.gameObject.tag == "Enemy") {
    void OnTriggerExit2D(Collider2D other2) {
        if(other2.gameObject.tag == "Enemy") {

There is a function within the enemy’s EnemyLogic script that makes it take damage, shown here:

public float health = 10;

// Some time later:

public void takeDamage (float amount) {
        health = health - amount;
        Debug.Log("TOOK DAMAGE, HEALTH NOW " + health);

Using the list of GameObjects created earlier, I have the following foreach loop to attempt to invoke that method on each enemy, however unsuccessfuly at this time.

foreach(GameObject enemy in SwordTrigger.enemiesInRange) {
                EnemyLogic a = enemy.GetComponent<EnemyLogic>();

As the title suggests, this is not working at this time, and it seems critical to the entire future of this game’s design, I believe this is all the code attributed with the sword attack.

From the game’s debug log I can determine that the enemy is registered in the inRange float, and other than that I have no idea.

Please help!

EDIT 1: I have one more insight, the issue is with the takeDamage() method, since it outputs the “TOOK DAMAGE, HEALTH NOW” but the health never goes down. I am now trying to fix that instead.

I have figured out the solution, I forgot to set the attack damage again a while ago after recreating the script after a bug.

Setting the damage back to the intended value as 5 again makes the enemy take damage.