Damage Text pop-up when enemy is hit

Hey everyone,

I’ve encountered another problem. This time it’s not an error or anything like that though, I just don’t know how something works.

So yesterday I wasted half my day trying to figure out how to get a damage pop-up above an enemy’s head when he takes damage. I’ve tried several things, none of which functional. So now I’m trying my luck here.

What I want is a text appearing above an enemy for a few seconds, this text being the damage it took (which I can easily fetch with a GetComponent). I don’t want the text to follow the enemy, I want it to stay at the position it was created at, even if the enemy moves to another position.

I wish I had any code to present you guys with, but I don’t know where to start. I tried doing something with a canvas on worldspace, but I had no luck with this. The canvas didnt even show any text at all, not even if I typed it into the child-textobject manually.

Anyway, I hope I can get some help with this, it’d make my day.
If there is any more information I have to give, please do tell me, I will provide any necessary info and code.

Thanks for your time!

might be scaling issue.
do like

create a canvas.

initially canvas size was very large. so reduce it to your requirement.

and add text to that canvas and re scale it.

still your text is not visible. then it was font issue.

that time increase the font size and check.