Dark hallway transition shader

Is there a way to make some kind of volume that blocks off another area with a shadow like shader? Best reference I can find is ocarina of time lost woods area. Where a hallway is blocked by a shadow until you enter the next area.

There’s so many ways to complicate this and to do this trick.
I highly doubt they used any kind of special shader or script for this in the game since it would use too much memory.
Based on the type of game you have, you could just put a completely black material on a plane in the darkness and have it fade out (be transparent and lower the alpha over time) once the player goes near it.

Hope this helps!

It’s pretty simple. The trunk has a gradient to black in the middle, and there is a full black plane cutting the trunk in half. When you enter the zone, the plane’s opacity is reduced until it’s completely transparent.

A simple sprite shader with no texture would work.