Dark light cookie


Anybody knows if it is possible to create a light cookie that has “negative light”? I want to use a light cookie to darken some specific game areas, and I want to make this by using a light so it’s get baked on the beast lightning. I’ve thought of using projectors, but this won’t get baked in the beast lightning.

Any ideas?

Unity doesn't support 'negative light.' There are a number of posts on the forum talking about different ways to get the same effect, but since you're trying to bake the color in they may or may not help you. Just a thought: could you bake the scene, then add your cookie and have it project positive / normal light (which you then bake to a second series of images), and then do the darkening in Photoshop? Just do a difference on the baked lightmap(s) containing your cookie vs the original lightmaps without, and then apply the difference as a subtraction to your original lightmap - presto, instant darkness.