DARK MODE in Unity Documentation

Hi everyone, now that Forums is going to be replaced with Unity Discussions (which supports dark mode), that gave me an idea to re-work Unity Documentation in Dark Mode and basically keep a consistent look across many Unity websites.

I also hope this gets enough attention from users and Unity developers alike and make it a reality soon. For now here’s a concept I made quickly:

Vs how it is now:

We spend hours in the docs, might as well give us some eye comfort =]
(Please react with this post in any way to give it more attention)


I second this motion.

Check out “Dark Reader” addon for chrome if you haven’t. I was able to get this look with the press of a button:


I did not know about it, should be enough for now until Unity makes a proper dark mode.

I use the same extension, BTW JiRo_Dev, I like the dark mode concept

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I agree. I always use dark mode with Unity, Unity Discussions, Unity Hub, and it would be great if our docs could too! I understand what @IllTemperedTunas is saying about the addon, but I would very much appreciate this switch over. Hopefully more people see this!

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