Dark particles

Okay, so I’m trying to make a particle emitter that emits gray and black particles, but it seems like unity interprets greyscale as a secondary alpha channel, thus, when I spawn a black particle, it’s invisible, and a gray particle is simply 50% transparent. Does anyone know of a way to create opaque black or gray particles?

Use a different shader, like Particles/Alpha Blended.

The particle shaders by default are additive- there are plenty of other blending modes you can try- such as Multiply in your case. Just edit the material of the particle and change the shader to Particles->Multiply

Eric5h5 had the best answer. I changed to a particles/alpha blended texture, but the black background of the smoke particle was visible. I made a copy of it and edited it in Gimp. I then created a layer mask for it, (greyscale copy of layer type.) and bucket filled black into the black background and carefully painted white over the different shades of grey pixel by pixel. I now have a perfect cloud texture for the black smoke and dark clouds I was wanting. Thanks, Eric5h5. testure had a very valid answer as well, it just turns out that I ended up using the alpha blended. Thanks to you as well, testure.

Under the RGB for the partical colors there is a white bar.
That is the transparency.