Darkness of the Fallen

Hey everyone this my first advanced project I decided to challenge myself with. The game is still in progess and being worked on. I am using assets in this game. But only to tell a simple story..Which is what happened on this mysterious night? Your character is leaving what seems to be a bad life behind when some type of supernatural event occurs on your drive to the city. A radio show host interrupts the station with some unnerving news.

Game Trailer


Feel free to test it out, however their are still a few bugs to work out. I notes them in the game as well. Thank you for reading my post!

Update pushed out today. Added forground items and. New npc.

Work is still in progress but wanted to show some image updates. The level has been my focus. Here are some snaps of the game.

A small video of my progress

It’s been awhile since I posted but here is small update with some Npcs!

Here is my game trailer!

omg, this looks so funny, amazing to see bit horror . . .

10 / 10, amazing creature - stuff . . . .

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Thank you! I appreciate you commenting. Yep little bit of Horror!

Small update to the game now. You have some fallen you can battle. I am still working on the quest currently and tweaking the AI. The AI kind of just lingers some times but they are ruthless when they get a fix on you. Anyways enjoy the update!

I have also moved the game to Gamejolt as well!

2.0 Update out now including a few npcs and bug fixes!

A lot rework done to get a solid demo