Dashing cube forward problem

As the title show I have trouble with dashing my cube a little bit forward on positive x axis using transform.possition.
These is my Code:

    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.LeftControl))
            transform.position = ???? // I want to go a little bit forward

@poria2100, OK, to move an object using transform.position, you can move relative to the current position, or you can move to an absolute position.

To move relative to the current position, the general algorithm is:

current position = current position + a Vector3 that represents the amount you want to move on any of the axes.

A Vector3 is a C# structure defined (x, y, z).

Therefore, if you want to move on positive x, create a ‘new Vector3( the positive x value you want to move by, y, z )’. If you don’t also want to move by y or z, put zero for those values.

so we can restate the general algorithm:

current position = current position + new Vector3( the x, y, and z values you want to move by )

That should be enough to get you moving!