DataBase creation on android via unity

I created a sqlite database from unity to run it on android, so I used Apllicantion.persistantDataPath as the path.
On pc it works very well, I can create, add, delete and modify data.
But in the device it does not work, and I didnt got any error.
public void openDB(string p)
connection = “URI=file:” + Application.persistentDataPath + “/” + p;

            dbconn = new SqliteConnection(connection);
            dbcmd = dbconn.CreateCommand();

        public void closeDB()
            dbcmd = null;
            dbconn = null;

        public void saveData(string desc, int age, string wants) {
            dbconn = (IDbConnection)new SqliteConnection(connection);
            string sqlQuery = "INSERT INTO Dados (Descricao, Idade, Interesses) VALUES ('" + desc +"',"+ age + ",'" + wants + "')";
            dbcmd.CommandText = sqlQuery;

Well your URI is actually wrong. The file URI scheme requires two slashes after the colon like most other protocol schemes. On most platforms you also need to specify a target host, though this is usually handled by the initial slash in a Unix path. Since you print your connection string is should contain three slashes after file:

I’m not sure which connection method you use, but usually you should be able to actually use a file path and not needing to use an URI.