Database useage for RPG Game

Hey Guys,

I have a more general question about using a database for a RPG game.

First questions I have about it, is the best way to go about storing your items and such in a database?

Once you have the database made how do you actually get the items from the database into the game?

Also any advice on the matter would be of great help, Im having some trouble figuring out how exactly to go about the item system for my rpg, in particular the question about how to get it from database and into the game as a gameobject with a model and its stats…

Thanks for your time in advanced and sorry for the question being so general but I am just unsure where to start…

Use the WWW class to make GET requests to a web server that talks to your database. Typically your webserver would return an XML file. User the WWWForm class to post data back to the database.

The bitwise operators are & and | for AND and OR. The double operators && and || are the logic ones.