Daz Character in Unity 3D Animations

I have purchased the Daz Character Kit and successfully gotten a nice looking character into Unity, however, this is where I get stuck. I do not have Max, Maya or use Blender for animations, can animations be created in Daz using animate blocks and bake them into the character to use in Unity? If so can I get some details on how this is done?

I have made a simple character and had it running around in Unity, wrote the motion, control and camera scripts from examples and set keybinds.

Someone mush have gotten a character into Unity with animations, could they explain how that was done please?

Thank you!

You must use the FBX plugin exporter which is absolutely wonderful to use... And why not Decimator + Atlas + FBX plugin a bundle for reducing the polygons + exporting the character and a texture map with all textures on one sheet !

(I only have FBX plugin and it's very very very efficient !)


First thing first: Daz does not allow the use of Daz characters-except for a few ones-in games. You need to check license terms. Second thing: You can use aniblocks, but before you export the anim to fbx, you need to bake it to the Daz timeline first. You can string together aniblocks and export the result as one. You need to make a note how many frames each of the aniblocks takes. Later you use this info in Splitting the anim in Unity Inspector. Alternatively, you can export each aniblock. Please check the Unity manual for how to: http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Manual/Animations.html