dead rising on unity?

i am thinking of downloading unity to make a dead risng game. but first i would like tto know if i can. i want the game to have -everything is a weapon -Screen is packed with zombies -there are multiple endings depending on if certain tasks are completed -there is a time limit over the hole game is this possible on unity and if so how hard will it be to create

This possible, as long as you got the skills needed to create the game! But if you are a beginner then start out small, unlike me, I thought that i could make a game like Halo in my first attempt to make a game, I thought wrong though.

Dont bite more off then you can chew ;)

If you are a beginner as you added as a tag. Then all of this guys tutorial will get you started. You will not want to miss this guy out if you ask me. ;)


It will be pretty hard. I been using unity for a while and i still have problems coding but i am learning. It is possible you just need to know how to code in java "script" "c# script" or "boo script"

Good Luck!