Dealing with 2D movement and collisions!

So I’ve recently started making my first actual 2D game in Unity!!! Unfortunately this has been much more difficult then I initially thought it would be! This is really a question of how to deal with movement and collision in 2d. I’ve been using 2dtoolkit to get my sprites atlas’ed and animated thusfar and have gotten them moving around. That’s when I started running into some issues.

First off I don’t want to use a character controller. It’s capsule shape does not seem well suited for a 2d platformer. So I decided to try and work with raycasts and standard colliders. This also proved to be challenging.

More recently I’ve tried placing kinematic rigidbodies and triggers on all of my “actor” objects and then move them by using ridgidbody.movePosition. This does seem to generate messages when bodies overlap. It also seems that raycasts are able to strike the trigger/collider when I am moving via the rigidboby component but not when I am Translating a n object.

I guess what I’m really asking here is, is there a generally accepted “best practice” way of doing this? Am I heading down a/the correct path?

Is it possible this is could help? I’m not sure precisely what U need but try this