Dealing with Humanoid Animation Import issues


I made a character in Blender and used Rigify for rigging it.

Everything looks perfect in Unity, if I use the Generic type of Avatar (example working animation):

However, if I change the Avatar type to Humanoid, at the first glance it works fine, but there are a lot of small discrepancies in between the original and resulting animation (example broken animation):

I tried messing around with the import settings for days (compression etc.). Did a lot of web searches as well, but am not close to figuring out how I can fix this.

Some fixes include messing with the Rig, but I do not want to break the generated one from Rigify.

I was thinking if maybe there was a way to disable/control the Humanoid retargeting for this model (I still need a Humanoid avatar for IK functions within code) as I see in the Retargeting Quality Report what’s been adjusted.

Or I could just buy an asset from asset store that implements Generic avatar IK control from scripts.

Any thoughts?


The animations ended up looking like this because I moved the bones too much to fit the position of the character model when I made the rig.

Instead, I adjusted the character model to the rig.
I also found this helpful: Using Blender and Rigify

And I also used the Legacy Rigify so I can use this script to made some adjustments to the rig so it works with Unity Rigify4Mecanim

Lastly, I remove all widget meshes from the scene, select only the Rig and the Character Model, I export the .fbx file as ASCII with the tick for Only Deform bones and Selected Objects.

Hope this helps other people too.