Dealing with the camera

I am making a platformer game. I just started moving the camera, when I found rendering issues.



In camera:


The camera is not rendering a part of the structure. The same thing happens when I zoom in with Scene View.


In case you are wondering, I am using a Tilemap and I feel like this may be a part of the reason.

Nothing I have searched up on Google is helping me. I have also tried changing the framerate and resolution, but to no avail. Could someone help me out?

Thank you in advance for any help on this.

maybe you can share some more screenshots like hierarchy of the scene, or inspector of the camera. Is camera rotated? Maybe camera is too close to your objects?

No, I remember the camera is not rotated and has a z position of -10. I can’t give more screenshots as I do not have access to unity as of now. I apologize for the inconvenience. Although, I will tell you what I remember. I remember trying to change the camera settings and nothing worked so far. The only things my scene has are some basic managers, and a tilemap. My camera uses Vector3.Lerp on the transform to move mainly to prevent jagged movement, although there may be a better way. I can’t send code as, like I said, I can’t access unity. Once again, I apologize.