Dealing with the many iOS device resolutions

I’ve been finishing up work on my first iOS project in Unity. I’ve been using my iphone 4s to test my game on, and I’ve been viewing the unity window in “Iphone wide: (3:2)”. Anyways, when testing on my iphone it works perfectly! Everything is framed just like when testing in the unity editor. I decided to see what strange resolutions I would get when testing on my ipad. When running on my ipad, it looks decent but everything is slightly off. Having dealt with some strange resolution issues with my previous non-iOS game, I can most likely deal with it and figure something out. The issue I’m having is that I don’t have an ipad mini to test my game on, nor do I have an ipod touch or those devices. How can I make sure that regardless of the device my game looks like I want it to?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Tre

I’m new to Unity but I have done a lot of game programming in Cocos2d. Do you have an iPad 2 or 3? If you have an iPad 2 then the display is the exact same as the iPad mini (1024 x 768). If you are using the iPad 3 you can change the output setting to non retina display in X-Code.