Deblurring of fast moving objects, or fast moving objects in 2d - horrbile ghosting, blurring

Hey I have been working with a 2D cricket game, when the bowler through the ball then the ball is become very blurry and not clear, It is seems 3 shadow clone like motion blur, I want to fix this issue, tried so many ways to fix, like using post processing motion blur component, FixedUpdate, fixed frmae rate. But none of those fixed my issue.

So is there any expert in this Unity community who can help me.

I am sharring some images, and possible video capture below
Video Link :

Each pixel on a screen has a response time, which is the time it takes for a pixel to change from one color to another or to turn on/off. This response time is not instantaneous. When an image or object moves across the screen or changes quickly, the pixels may not be able to keep up with the rapid changes. This results in a brief trail or ghosting effect, as some pixels take longer to transition. Nothing you can do from Unity will fix it as it is a physical issue, Monitor vendors try to lower this issue by making faster response-time pixels, and Nvidia is trying as well from their end by turning off the backlight of the panel while the frame is transitioning to the next frame, once the new frame is up and the old one is fully cleared they turn on the back-light again… So it’s not really something you can fix in engine, gamers are aware of ghosting and know if they invest in better monitors they can limit the issue to some extent.

try to enable interpolation in your ball’s rigidbody