Debug.Log in release version android

I read that we shoudn’t leave log methods when we release our app on the store. I had already released it and I have Debug.log in my at a few places.

Is it really a big problem having logs in the release? What can go wrong that much if I have?

P.S. I’d highly appreciate a fast answer here, cause like I said I’ve already posted my app.

Debug.Log is performance heavy and that is why it is suggested to not have it in the build. If it is used rarely then it should not cause much damage but if called frequently it will cause low FPS and bad experience. Since you are working on mobile device it is expected to have calls to Debug.Log to be kept at bare minimum. But if you are calling it in Update or any method that is being called frequently then you are surely going to have performance hit especially for low end devices.

So how frequently are you calling it in your app?