Debug.Log is causing an Assert

Hi wondering if anybody can offer a clue about this… I’m using Debug.Log here and there in the code - and it’s causing an Assert - Unity comes up with ‘Assert in file …’ at the line of the Debug.Log … removing the Debug.Logs and the game runs fine… the Debug.Logs can be very simple and still cause the assert - e.g.

UnityEngine.Debug.Log(“triple Stuff this”);

Have you tried it without UnityEngine. on the from the docs Unity - Scripting API: Debug.Log give the command reference without calling UnityEngine. just the Debug.Log( “triple Stuff this”);

hmm, could it be some of your files have become corrupted? I have never heard of this problem before. If you could cobble together a simple example of where it goes wrong it would be a great help to diagnose and work out a fix for the problems.