Debug.Log problem

I’m new at coding and game developing uhm I have visual studio and unity 3d but when I open the script file I can’t write codes, Let me show you with Image, as you can see visual studio won’t verify the codes.

I wrote. What is wrong ? and another thing when I watch the education about unity programming, teacher opens a diffrent coding screen than mine. Like we’re using same things I checked like 5 times but still Mine is opening with visual studio but teacher’s coding screen opens with something else.,

I’m sorry maybe these kinda questions would be basic stuff but I don’t know where else to ask. Thank you for reading so far.

I tried couple things from internet but still no result.

Also about the debug command uhm as you can see in the picture like uhm it won’t verify the command I don’t know why I tried writing something diffrent like “If Else” it verify them but not debug. Why ?

Hi, what you are missing is autocompletion, you can try what is says here c# - Unity Scripts edited in Visual studio don't provide autocomplete - Stack Overflow, also, maybe the teacher is using visual studio code instead?


Look at
Edit - Preferences - External Tools - External Script Editor.

If External Script Editor stays with “Open by file extenstion”, change it with Microsoft Visual Studio and reopen your script again. It will fix your “debug.log” problem.

I can’t see your teacher’s screen so I don’t know what is the difference…