Debug.Print not working

I’m trying to create a side menu hub that contains a vertical scrollable list of menu items with icons and no text. I have a game object that I created to represent this menu and I created the following script to show the first button:

#pragma strict

//not implemented yet
var selectObjectIcon : Texture2D;

var buttonDimensions : float;
var buttonStyle : GUIStyle;

function OnGUI () {
	if(GUILayout.Button("testing if i can click this")){
		Debug.Log("i can click this!!");
	GUILayout.BeginArea(Rect(Screen.width-buttonDimensions, 0, buttonDimensions, Screen.height));
	if(GUILayout.Button(selectObjectIcon, buttonStyle)){
		Debug.Log("select object pressed");

and I attached it to my menu game object. The menu appears correctly but none of the debug statements are being printed to the command line when I deploy on my Android device. If I play in Unity, all the debug messages are printed to the command line. Why are they not appearing when I deploy to an actual device and how can I fix that?

As far as I know on Android you cannot view debug logs.

You can always create one manually.

var debuglog : GUIText;

function OnGUI () 

	if (GUI.Button(Rect(0,0,128,128),'button'))
		debuglog.text = 'mylog';


You can view Debug logs in Android through Eclipse using LogCat

You can use adb logcat to view logs on android devices.

But the most convenient way is this: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making