debugging: How can I tell what instance of multiple instances I'm looking at?

I have a scene with multiple instances of a robot prefab. Each robot has a ControlScript.cs attached to it. When I run the project occasionally a robot or two will show aberrant behavior, which I wish to fix.

I'm using MonoDevelop to break into ControlScript.cs. However I cannot tell in MonoDevelop which of the instances of ControlScript::Update I'm looking at.

How can I tell which robot instance I'm examining?

(is there a way to select the instance in the editor and examine the script data relevent to that instance from there?)

I hope all that made sense!


Could you instantiate each object 'differently', meaning, assign a unique name to it, or attach data on a script that would uniquely identify it (perhaps serial numbering by order of creation, something like that).

Try this:

Old post, I know. Just wanted to mention a tool I’ve created to do exactly this. You can even choose at runtime which instance to debug (And even which property)