Debugging in scene view

I know there’s a ton of debugging questions on UA, but I can’t quite figure out how to do what I want (or whether it’s possible).

I have a script that controls a character through a series of manipulations. It moves the shoulder, then it moves the elbow, then the wrist, then rotates, etc… Unfortunately, I can’t quite figure out where it’s going wrong. Right now my solution is to comment out everything. Then umcomment the first step, run, switch to scene view, observe what I want, and then stop the game, uncomment the next step, run, switch to scene view,etc. This is already tedious, but in reality, I’m also having to move some debug objects into the objects I care about so that I can visually see the transforms and directions.

Using breakpoints in MD I can get it to stop after each step, but when it stops on a breakpoint, the whole editor is locked up and I cannot switch to scene view. That’s great for figure out problems with code, but visually it doesn’t help a whole lot.

I had the idea to use Debug.Break() or some kind of Pause, but either way those stop at the end of the frame, not amidst execution.

Anyone have any ideas on how to go about visually debugging the scene?

if you have a script for the body movements under each movement put a debug.log (“Movement 1”); and it would tell you when you play on the bottom of the unity screen or whats known as the console.