Debugging iOS Memory Usage?

How does one debug the memory usage when developing for iOS? I’m getting a Level=2 memory warning and want to determine if I need to reduce textures, or audio, or what is consuming all my memory. I’m using Pro. Any thoughts?

when building the project, and exporting it to Xcode, you can check the Virtual and real memory usage by running the project a second time from xcode …from run>run with performance tool > and choose ur desire tool ( I choose the activity monitor)

in case of the activity monitor, you can check ur application CPU meter, Vram, and real ram allocation in realtime.
this is very helpful to determine if your game is allocating a lot of space in rams.
the avarage consumption is around 50mb in real ram, u need to optimize all the texture and all the Game Loops in addition of you 3d models… doing so will make your game run smoothly on every ios even the ipad 1 and iphone 3gs :slight_smile:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Trying run>run with performance tool > activity monitor, the activity monitor opens but display absolutly no figures.
Am I missing something. The Unity player is built in debug and it seems to me that needed debug informations in built.
Any hint please ?