Debugging Multiple Instances

I am am making a networked game. And I am trying to debug multiple instances of the game running on the same machine. I can find the PID of the instance I want to debug. But when I go to “Attach to Process” in monodevlop, the PID shown there is completely different. The PID would be something like 4744. But monodevelop would show something like 3646831520. Only the PID of the Unity editor is correct in Monodevelop. So how can I attach to the instance of the game I want to debug ?

I also have Unity VS. But they don’t show the PID of the process, just the port. If there is anyway to easily do it in Unity VS, let me know. I found a way where I look at the open listening ports based on PID. But that’s kinda annoying to do.

  • Go to ‘Task Manager’ on Windows.
  • On ‘Process’ tab, expand instances of Unity Editor to check their scene or project name.
  • Right click from the Unity Editor instance you want to debug, and select ‘Go to details’.
  • You can check PID from here.

One screenshot summary:

hi I just want to share this just in case someone bump into this issue