Debugging Shaders Show/current/all

I am using Unity on windows 7.
I am trying to use the buttons which appear in the inspector when you choose a shader.
Each time I try to press the following buttons Show/Show current/Show all (on shaders i am working) I get various errors and Unity or my OS tries to open Visual Studio.

Do these buttons actually work for any 1?
Seems I have messed the file associations for opening shader files…Any tips on how I change the default program for opening shaders from Unity?

UPDATE: Once I did and undid the workaround below, opening in UnityVS started working fine?! (uncertain whether will continue after restarted but definitely working atm!)

(Maybe not an answer but perhaps helpful?)

This seems to be broken in UnityVS / Visual Studio.
I switched back to MonoDevelop and it works. This gave me the path it was trying to open which I could then open in VS.

  • Edit
  • Preferences…
  • External Tools
  • External Script Editor
  • “MonoDevelop (built-in)” to get path or “UnityVS.OpenFile” to restore UnityVS.

The path when I pressed “Show current” was “Temp/Compiled-{name of my original shader}-{target platform}.shader”.

Guess we need to feed this back to UnityVS / Microsoft. Can’t do it personally now but whoever gets there first, post a bug link and we can vote.