Debugging the standalone player on an external machine?

Hello, I’m trying to debug my Server built using Unity, but the stack traces aren’t giving me line information (which I assume is because the symbols aren’t available). What do I need to do to get those line number to display with the stand alone player on an external machine?

Let me explain how I go about building the Server.

  1. Build the standalone player using Development Build (running this output shows line numbers correctly).

  2. Transfer the Server.exe and Server_Data folders over to an external host.

  3. Copy Server.exe and Server_Data to Server2.exe and Server2_Data respectivitly.

  4. Run Server2.exe.

With MonoDevelop, you can attach the debugger to any game through the local network. Make sure that no firewall are blocking the sockets.

The profiler itself can listen to any instance of the game through the local network as well. That’s how you profile iOS games for example (using the Wifi connection).

The only requirement is to use a development build and have “Allow script debugging” options enabled. But you already figured that out.

check this tool