Decompiling Angry Bots

Hello, I am a middle school student from Mexico and for our Math class we were asked to make either a board game or a video game. We decided to do a video game in unity. First we made one that was pretty bad. Then we opened angry bots and realized we could modify it. Our question is, is it legal? We are only using it for school purposes.
Thank you for your attention

Of course. All of the Unity sample projects are provided for the express purpose of being studied so that you can learn how they work. Note that this isn’t decompiling though - that, generally, is illegal. In this case the source of the code has been provided for you already, so there is nothing to decompile.

Also, you should be sure to point out to your teacher that you’ve modified an existing asset rather than created it from scratch, and highlight the bits that you added/modified. Schools don’t take plagiarism lightly :slight_smile: