Decoupling walking direction from viewing direction

Would anyone know if it is possible to have the FPC treat the walking direction separately from the direction the playing is looking at? For example, say I want to keep my gaze fixed to a tree I’m walking past as I walk past it so I’d have to turn my head around to keep my eyes on it even as my feet continue to walk where my chest is pointing, which is in a direction that does not change with my turning head.

While the ‘w’ key may work as before, maybe the ctrl-w key would walk while ignoring the direction the head is facing. I recognize that there would be a problem when switching between the ctrl-w mode and the ‘w’ mode but I’m ignoring that for the moment and just wondering if it’s possible to walk in direction independent of the viewing (camera) direction.

Thanks for any suggestions.

This is actually much simpler than you think, though I am not sure if I would use the FPC for it (it would require more modification to get it to work). The answer is to simply have a controller with a script that moved it. The script would treat the WASD keys as movement (like normal) and keep track of its own forward position. In this instance, maybe the A and D keys will turn instead of strafe.

Then, add a camera as a child object of the controller. The camera will have a script on it that manages its rotation. This simulates the head. This way, the player can look wherever they want while moving the body independently.