Decrease Android build size when using a lot of sounds


I have made a simple soundboard in Unity and as you might have guessed, there’s a lot of audio. Right now I have a bit over 100 audio files and the build size is over 40MB! Is there some way I can decrease the size? Are there any “magic” import settings or file types I can use?

There are my current import settings on all of the sound files:


Any help and/or tips are greatly appreciated!

And yes, I have been using Google to try and find a solution but I couldn’t manage to find anything useful.

I once had the same issue. My android app crashed upon to big memory usage. I changed the compression format to mp3, decreased the sample rate and quality settings to the lowest possible without noticible quality loss. Maybe this helps. It can definitely decrease the file size to less than 10% of original size with acceptable sound quality.