decrease draw call instantiated object

Hi everybody
Well… I’m using a 3d model that makes only 1 draw call
Now I want to spawn this model in my scene every 10 seconds…
The problem is that every instance of the spawned objects makes 1 draw call… so after some seconds there are too many draw calls…
Whereas all the instances use the same material, is there any way to batch them to decrease the draw calls?

Presuming that Dynamic Batching is turned on then you are doing everything you can. Dynamic Batching may well not batch an object if it’s too complicated or if you fiddle with the .material property of the renderer.

Unity has given good feature for dynamic batch . its saving draw call by batching , but this dynamic batching is working when your 3d Model vertex count is less than 300 vertices .

if your vertex count is more than 300 vertices then its increase no of drwa call when you duplicate/instance your character .