Decreasing a bar over time

I have a timer that is represented as a bar. The timer will be initialized by an arbitrary value (for example, 5 ), and this will represent the entire bar. But as time passes, I want to scale it smaller. This is what I currently have so far.

float fullTime = 5.0f;
float currentTime = 5.0f;

void Update()
  currentTime -= Time.DeltaTime;

  float ratio = currentTime / fullTime;

  Vector3 currentScale = transform.localScale;
  transform.localScale = new Vector3(Mathf.Clamp(ratio, 0f, 1f), currentScale.y, currentScale.z);

But this scales the bar toward the center of the bar. I want it to scale from right to left (So the bar will shrink by moving down to the left side of the bar).

Whats complicating is that this is a child gameobject, like calculating the leftside’s position by

Vector3 oldLeftPos = transform.position;
oldLeftPos.x -= transform.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().bounds.extends.x;

and after I did the scaling I did the following

Vector3 newLeftPos = transform.position;
newLeftPos.x -= transform.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().bounds.extends.x;

 newLeftPos.x = newLeftPos.x - (newLeftPos.x - oldLeftPos.x);


But it’s still converging toward the center. Can any one help me or point out what I’m doing wrong?

Try changing the pivot of your sprite to left middle and throw away the position calculations. Just scale should be enough.