Decreasing a Normalmap's strenght

Hey i’m new to unity and I have an problem where my normal map is too strong(bumpy).
here is my workspace:
alt text

As you can see, the model looks very rough, too rough for my likings.
So the solution i’m looking for is to decrease the normals strength inside of unity.
Otherwise i’d have to remake the normalmap, wich i made with crazy bump and that demo has run out. I can’t use the NVidia photoshop filter, and i got problems installing the gimp’s one so if anyone’s got an good alternative for that, that’be great.

Thanks in advance!


If you use a greyscale image as a normal map, you get a “Bumpiness” slider which does what you want.[9149-screen+shot+2013-03-21+at+9.26.37+am.png|9149]