Decreasing quality of game in unity3

Hi, I made my scene in unity 2.6 and it seemed in it very nice, especially my terrain assets were very qood and beautiful, but yesterday I upgraded it to unity 3 and quality of my scene decrease unfortunetly and my terrain grasses became sharp and no smoothly. I test and control Edit > Graphic Emulation and Edit > Project Settings > Quality and Camera Settings, but they couldn't solve this problem. What can I do?

Please answer me quickly.

Thank you.

I assume you're talking about the details like vegetation you added to your terrain.

Were you using you own hand-made shader on your grass? In this case, an if your shader was reacting with light, then you'll probably have to rewrite it using Surface Shaders.

Or were you using one of Unity's shaders? In this case, just go and try all the new shaders Unity provides on your grass material. Try those in the 'Transparent' or 'Transparent/Cutout' groups.